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We offer partnership opportunities to a select few firms who would like to introduce their offering to our large network of investment professionals and family offices.  If you are looking to establish your presence in the family office space we can provide you with an excellent avenue for meeting potential clients, marketing your firm, and becoming a “household name” in this industry.

We have 3,000 subscribers on Youtube, 128k members in the Family Office Club LinkedIn page, and our

Our digital platforms enable our sponsors to get a tremendous amount of exposure to our network of 1,900+ investors, family offices & high-net-worth individuals. By offering a full range of digital sponsorship opportunities including but not limited to articles, white papers, videos, webinars, industry reports, infographics, thought leader interviews, podcasts, etc.

For benefits and details about Sponsorship Opportunities at the Family Office Club or to learn more about how you can leverage our community to find new clients and gain exposure for your services or investment offerings please complete the form below or email Ellie Hojabri at or call her at (305) 428-3777.
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Ellie Hojabri

Strategic Partnership Director
(305) 428-3777

Available Sponsorships Opportunities

Member Spotlight Interviews

The Member Spotlight Interview: is a 7-minute video interview on your one-liner (we can help refine before the video recording), your unique deal offering/services (please state what makes you unique) and your CEO’s strategy.

Your short and easy consumer interview will be shared via our Family office Club company webpage, LinkedIn account and put out on our podcast as a Family Office Club Member Spotlight. You will also receive the raw video footage and help on editing from our design team which you can then use on your materials, your pitch deck, your website, in emails, etc.

At our events we have had 100% of investors say they would rather see a 2-7 minute video from the founder then a fancy infographic or chart or picture of an asset, as they can instantly see how articulate you are, and understand what you do in a short video.

Virtual Investor Panels

These 6 person Zoom call investor panels consist of 5 family offices and one sponsor, the panelists interact and present differing viewpoints on a debatable topic. The purpose of the panel is to be able to hear a wide range of perspectives on a given topic – this is very engaging and the audience enjoys hearing different viewpoints and reasoning from a group of experts. You can continue to develop your career and learn more about your profession while still meeting work and family commitments by attending our online.

Monthly Industry Newsletter

Sponsoring niche-based online newsletters to attract new investors.

Get Featured on the Family Office Podcast

A 30-minute podcast recording with our founder & CEO Richard C. Wilson we get 20k listeners a month to the Family Office Podcast, and by far it is the most listened to Podcast on family offices globally with 12-18 thousand downloads per month.

Get Featured on Webinar Trainings

(credits given at the beginning and end of the webinar)

Our online events and webinars make participating more accessible to all executives (anytime, anywhere). Webinars are multimedia, meaning they contain both audio and video. Webinars are mostly held in realtime providing a great amount of exposure to our network of 100k+ family office club members.

Blue Pages Exposure

The Family Office Blue Pages is the service provider directory for the family office industry.

Access to Investor Leads

These leads come in through our website, that could be 2-3 leads a week and it is made up of those searching for investments online who find our website and complete our lead form.
For other options and custom packages please contact Ellie Hojabri at or by phone at (305) 428-3777

Our investor associations, websites, networks and other channels give us marketing reach to nearly 1 million professionals around the world. Our online community is a great opportunity for us to bring together these investors, family offices, industry players, fund managers, and other executives. As a partner, you will gain access to our network and be able to build valuable relationships with potential clients, business partners, and other connections that will help you grow your business.

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