The 5th annual Single Family Office Summit featured more single family offices on stage and in attendance than any other conference held anywhere in 2018

The annual Single Family Office Summit featured 30+ family office speakers sharing insights, best practices, investment models, direct investment strategies, and allocation trends among other critical issues facing single family office executives today. This is your annual chance to meet with the top single-family offices, leading institutional investment firms and 450+ attendees including institutional investors, family office executives, private equity deal-makers, investment fund managers, high-net-worth individuals, and a variety of family office industry participants.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Build Your Single Family Office Relationship Network: Quickly add another dozen single family offices to your relationship network, learn how they like to partner with other wealthy families and investment managers, and become more effective in quickly navigating the single family office industry.
  2. Hear from Single Family Offices on Co-Investing, Risk Management, and Portfolio Management:  Gain insights from multiple $1B+ family offices and several single family offices on risk management, portfolio management; and how they buy operating businesses and source deals for co-investments.
  3. Single Family Office Best Practices:  Learn directly from single family offices instead of lawyers, fund managers, and consultants, our speaking faculty is made up of 90%+ family offices, that is what makes our events unique and valuable.


The Edison Ballroom | 240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

The Single Family Office Speakers Included

Jason Young

GIC Special Investment
($100B+ Sovereign Wealth Fund)

Mitzi Perdue

Perdue Farms
(Single Family Office)

Avi Gelboim

Scher Capital Management
(Single Family Office)

Neil Wolfson

SF Capital Group
(Single Family Office)

Stephen Goodman

Mid Atlantic Bio Angels
(Angel Investor)

Geoffrey Keegan

Creciente Partners

(Fund of Fund)

Katherine Zamsky

Besyata Investment Group
(Single Family Office)

Alan Snyder

Shinnecock Partners
(Single Family Office)

Stephen Wall

Team JMC
(Single Family Office)

Federico Benavides

Beamonte Investments
(Single Family Office)

Paul Kang

Alta Capital Group
(Single Family Office)

Adi Divgi

EA Global
(Single Family Office)

David Zilkha

Private Family Office
(Single Family Office)

David Weiss

Rebel Rebel Capital
(Single Family Office)

Katherine Boas

Carl Marks & Co.
(Single Family Office)

Sasha Bernier

Cheltenham Enterprises
(Single Family Office)

Christopher Harrison

Falconwood Corp.
(Single Family Office)

Armando Soto

Isaac Capital
(Single Family Office)

Vaughn Brock

(Single Family Office)

Ziad Moukheiber

Boston Harbor Angels
(Angel Investor)

Wendy Craft

(Single Family Office)

Richard Wilson

The Family Office Club

Skip Motsenbocker

Floris Capital Management

Ira Perlmuter

T5 Equity Partners
(Single Family Office)

Carlos Imery

IP Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Matthias Boizard

(Single Family Office)

Brian DeLucia

(Single Family Office)

Irwin Boris

Heritage Capital Group
(Single Family Office)

Jake Thomas

CTI Partner

Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur

Richard Beleutz

Alternative Investment Resource

Oren Sadiv


Cynthia Thompson

Urban Seed Inc.

Michael Huber

Lavien Group, LLC

Charles Sells

The PIP Group


Attendees included wealthy families looking to form a family office, single family offices, multi-family offices, real estate investment professionals, hedge fund and private equity fund managers, investment bankers, private banking professionals, CPAs, attorneys, placement agents, third party marketers, and insurance agents.


2017 SFO Summit Attendees


If you are interested in partnering at the Single Family Office Summit please visit or contact Ellie Hojabri at – (305) 428-3777

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The following are quotes written by some of the 1,000+ past event participants:

”Richard’s workshop was educational, current, and inspiring. We benefited from Richard’s breadth of knowledge as his presentation delved into the granular level, while only providing valuable, relevant information. His stories and anecdotes were woven seamlessly into the presentation.”

– Justin Browe | Partner, Sage Lane Capital

“The workshop content was relevant and educational, after the workshop my mind was racing with new ideas and ways to improve all aspects of my strategy and implementation of my strategy. Like any great coach or motivator I left the workshop more inspired and with a deeper desire to succeed.”

– Jay Robbins, GBS Life Plans

“From a marketing and networking perspective, my time spent today and the cost of the seminar was the best use of my time and money in a very long time.”

– Mike Roberts, AJG

“Attending the Richard Wilson family office seminar was an extremely valuable experience that took the informational content of his book (“The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent”) to an entirely new level. Richard’s vast experience and exposure to family offices worldwide can best be appreciated in the personal interaction of a seminar. Information is exchanged in a manner that protects the confidentiality and privacy of all family offices involved.”

– Karen Owensby, President, Wealth Management Associates

“A high class event with the “right” people in the room. People are open and informative but still maintain discrete and tasteful nature that is so vital in the Family Office space.”

– Alexander Camargo, Celent

“The workshop was time well-invested. The presenters were very knowledgeable, and the information gained will be useful in our multi-family office practice.”

– Joseph McNair, Warren Averet Asset Management

“The family office training workshop provides an opportunity for all industry participants together in a selective group and share ideas, concerns, and network FO issues. For us in the advisory and consulting world, this is an excellent source of knowledge and contacts.”

– Isabella Fonseca, Celent

“The conference did an excellent job of consolidating thousands of hours of information into a single day. Worth 1000%+ my investment of time and money.”

– David Weisburd

“This was a fantastic, educational experience. Incredible content, great perspective and well chosen speakers. Nice, diverse presentations.”

– David Stevens, Southern Asset Management

“Richard’s conference was a very well organized and well attended. The speakers/presenters were excellent and highly experience in the field. I picked up useful info on the macro view of family office issues and family office criteria for selecting individual managers.”

– Dan Drennan, Hedge US

“As a small boutique firm in the family office space, the Family Office Club seminars have been a valuable resource for our firm giving us the opportunity to learn from industry insiders to help us grow our business.”

– Karen M. Schmid, Moirai Capital Management, LLC

“This conference and your conference I attended in Los Angeles last month is by far the best venue I have experienced.”

– Michael Herr, BroadRiver Asset Management, L.P.

“Highly valuable education to Family Offices. Great environment to learn and meet. Networking is beneficial.”

– Marquita Maria Topovski, The Marquita Group

“Today I have had the opportunity to learn about Family Offices from the masters, which is so inspiring. Thank you Richard!”

– Dr. Jerry Drobenko

“I was very impressed with the quality of the presenters and the topics discussed. Looking forward to the next event!!!”

– Frank Mariuaro, Moutrose Accounting

“Great event and worth my trip from Beijing.”

– Alex Gong

“As always, Richard’s group has delivered again great information and speakers on Family Offices. If you can only join one occasion- this is the one.”

– Don F. Wilkinson, Family Office Consulting, LLC

“Rich provided insight across a multitude of Family Office challenges and opportunities. Top notch presenters and high energy networking. Well done.”

– Jake Rosser

“This was my first family office event and it was great. I met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. If you don’t know where to start, start here.”

– Raymond Gustafson

“Richard presents closed door information from important contacts that provide powerful insights. Thank you.”

– Tony Hartman, Mark Private Capital

“It is a great knowledge adding event. Every high net-worth individual and Family Office must attend.”

– HP Shah

“The diversity of speakers covering different topics was extremely helpful.”

– Joy Hou, Solution Financing