The annual Single Family Office Summit features 25+ family office speakers sharing insights, best practices, investment models, direct investment strategies, and allocation trends among other critical issues facing single family office executives today.

This is your annual chance to meet with the top single family offices, leading institutional investment firms and 350+ attendees including institutional investors, family office executives, private equity dealmakers, investment fund managers, high-net-worth individuals, and a variety of family office industry participants.

Date: February 17th, 2017constantino-room

Venue: The Constantino Room | Fordham University School of Law | 150 West 62nd Street | New York, NY 10023


Agenda: The Single Family Office Summit Schedule is Available for Download Here

The 2017 speakers include:

Armando Soto Armando Soto
Isaac Capital Group
(Single Family Office)

Clifford Friedman Clifford Friedman
Raptor Group Holdings
(Single Family Office)

Christopher S. Harrison Christopher S. Harrison
The Falconwood Corporation
(Single Family Office)

Vincent Pica Vincent Pica
Safanad Inc.
(Single Family Office)

Josh Cohen Josh Cohen
Tyden Ventures
(Single Family Office)

Richard C. Wilson Richard C. Wilson
The Miami Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Eric Munson Eric Munson
NY Based Family Office
(Single Family Office)
Dean D'Onofrio Dean D’Onofrio
BEL45 Capital, LLC
(Single Family Office)

Dan Farrell Dan Farrell
Privos Capital
(Single Family Office)
John Rutledge John Rutledge
Safanad Inc.
(Single Family Office)

David DeWitt David DeWitt
DeWitt Capital Management

Michael Felman Michael Felman
ShoreFront Capital
(Single Family Office)

Sasha Bernier Sasha Bernier
Cheltenham Investments
(Single Family Office)

Gautam Mahtani Gautam Mahtani
Care Experience
Michael Studer Michael Studer
Oil & Gas Syndicate, LLC

Theodore O'Brien Theodore O’Brien
The Miami Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Evan Renov Evan Renov
Beechwood Ventures
(Single Family Office)

Peter Shelton Peter Shelton
Benesch Law

Sebastian Jano Sebastian Jano
Himan Brown Charitable Trust
(Single Family Office)

DJ Van Keuren DJ Van Keuren
Arsenault Family Office
(Single Family Office)

William Kidd William Kidd
Kidd & Company
(Single Family Office)

Don Diviott Don Wiviott
Sustainable Farm Partners, LLP

David S. Rose David S. Rose
New York Angels & Rose Tech Ventures
(Angel Investor)

Nimrod Elmish Nimrod Elmish
Cardboard Technologies

William Podd William Podd
Landmark Capital Corp.
(Single Family Office)

Ira Perlmuter Ira Perlmuter
T5 Equities
(Single Family Office)

Jeff McMahon Jeff McMahon
Freepoint Commodities

Brian DeLucia Brian DeLucia
Arrivato LLC
(Single Family Office)

Josh Tanenbaum Josh Tanenbaum
Polonksy Foundation & Clearstone Group

Michael Pfeffer Michael Pfeffer
Ibis Networks

Additional speakers to be announced daily, check back for more information.

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Benefits of Attending

  1. Build Your Single Family Office Relationship Network: Quickly add another dozen single family offices to your relationship network, learn how they like to partner with other wealthy families and investment managers, and become more effective in quickly navigating the single family office industry.
  2. Hear from Single Family Offices on Co-Investing, Risk Management, and Portfolio Management Gain insights from multiple $1B+ family offices and several single family offices on risk management, portfolio management; and how they buy operating businesses and source deals for co-investments.
  3. Single Family Office Best Practices:  Learn directly from single family offices instead of lawyers, fund managers, and consultants, our speaking faculty is made up of 90%+ family offices, that is what makes our events unique and valuable.

Attendees:  Past attendees have included wealthy families looking to form a family office, single family offices, multi-family offices, real estate investment professionals, hedge fund and private equity fund managers, investment bankers, private banking professionals, CPAs, attorneys, placement agents, third party marketers, and insurance agents.

Venue Photo 3Risk-Free Offer: If you attend any of our full-day conferences and find that you don’t get at least $2,000 of value, Wilson Conferences will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid.  You will also be allowed to keep the copy of the free book we give out to attendees, The Single Family Office, and conference materials for your trouble.  At our last 2-day conference in Miami with 550 participants we had an exact refund rate of 0% due to unhappy guests.


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