Wendy CraftWendy Craft is theChief Operating Officer at Favara, LLC, located in New York City where she runs the day to day operations, asset protection and allocation for the family.

Wendy Craft was previously the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for MFR Equity, a single family office for a multi generational family located in Canada.

Before MFR Equity, Ms. Craft served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Fulcrum Equities, LLC, a single family office that invests in real estate and operating companies.

Ms. Craft also worked as Vice President and General Counsel with the Schneider Family assisting them in separating the existing family office from the family’s operating company. The Schneider family is a prominent real estate family in New York that also serves children’s charities around the world.

Prior to working with the Schneider family, Ms. Craft served as President of Hudson Land Company, LLC a title insurance company specializing in commercial property transactions. Hudson Land was one of many companies owned by a third generation family member from a prominent real estate family.

Wendy Craft received a BA from Kalamazoo College MI and continued her education at Thomas Cooley Law School with a concentration in International Law. Ms. Craft also received the Jurisprudence Prize Award in Conflict of Laws. Ms. Craft later attended Georgetown University Law School and attained her LL.M. in Taxation.