Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Family Office Club

Your Membership and Family Office Club Services (as defined in the Family Office Terms and Conditions) and purchase of is subject to these Renewal and Cancellation Terms. Capitalized terms used in these Renewal and Cancellation Terms, if not defined here, are as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that if you have purchased a membership prior to September 5th, 2022, you are still grandfathered into our previous terms and conditions. This means that you are not committed to a one-year subscription and may request to cancel your membership at any given time.


All memberships require a minimum one-year commitment. There are various payment and membership options available for using our services. These options can be found in the individual Services and may change from time to time. Once you register for a Charter Membership and your initial payment is processed, your membership has begun, and you can immediately access the Charter Membership Benefits.

Monthly Subscriptions:

Subscriptions billed on a monthly basis are not eligible for a refund, even if requested afterward. You cannot cancel your monthly subscription within the first 12 months, as all memberships require a minimum one-year commitment. After the first 12 months, your monthly subscription transitions into the monthly billing cycle.

Automatic Renewals of Memberships:

Subscriptions automatically renew. Whether you have paid for the year upfront or divided your annual membership into 12 monthly payments, on the 13th month of your membership, your subscriptions will be converted into the corresponding monthly payments associated with your current membership level. Your membership then becomes a month-to-month, cancel anytime membership. 

Monthly fees for a membership after your first initial year are as follows:

Virtual Membership – $199 a month
Premium Charter Membership – $333 a month
Corporate VIP Membership – $379 a month

Remember that monthly subscriptions cannot be canceled at any time within the first 12 months. You will be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase at the beginning of each billing term of your Membership via the billing method you have provided to us. Please ensure that your billing information is correct to prevent your membership from lapsing.

Family Office Databases:

Once you sign up, your Family Office Databases will automatically renew based on the database options you have chosen. (e.g. Online or PRO Database). You will be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase at the beginning of each billing term of your Membership via the billing method you have provided to us. Please ensure that your billing information is correct to prevent your membership from lapsing. 

You will not direct nor state that the Family Office Club, Family Office Databases, Richard C. Wilson, or a team member made a direct introduction to reach out. You cannot buy our databases and resell the contact details gained from our database. You will not spam email this list or place them into a CRM system and add them into auto email workflows. Specific reach-out strategies to reach out to Family Offices are provided via the portal in our Training Webinar, “15 Strategies to Leveraging Our Database” or the “How to Email an Investor” Training Webinar.

Membership Cancellations and Refunds:

Memberships cannot be canceled within the first 12 months of either the annual or monthly subscription options. There will be no refunds if requested after your billing date. All promotional memberships are only applicable to new members, not previous members. Membership cancellations after the first year are not final until the member has completed the Family Office Club Membership Exit Survey.

Purchased Data Refund:

We provide a 4x per-listing refund for any contact you find in our database that is not, in fact, a family office wealth management firm. For example, if 10% of the database is off or outdated, you receive 40% of your money back. We must receive an excel format of the contacts that we outdated with email, names, and phone numbers along with any other content that may have been outdated. Our team will scrub the database and either replace it for you or provide you with a refund.


The Family Office Club is an investor community, not an “event company”, although we do host 16+ events. Our club requires a minimum of a one-year commitment to our events, workshops, and investor relations resources. This is a long-term strategy that requires a long-term commitment from all of our valued members. Our community focuses on adequate relationship building and the learning of new innovative skills that lead to successful raises.

The quality of our community is rooted in this philosophy: By attending our events, you’re getting a level of exclusivity found nowhere else because our community has a long-term vision versus a “get rich quick” mindset. Our 15-year track record and 1,000s of testimonials make us confident that our club has the investors, resources, and tools that lead to a winning game plan. We are also confident that 1 – 2 events may offer you $4000 worth of value. You are only charged a tenth of the price of the total value if you use the membership in its entirety.

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