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Family Office Super Summit had 60 family office speakers, 700+ attendees and amble networking opportunities and engaging activities over a 3 day span.  The Super Summit was a great opportunity to join hundreds of family office executives, private wealth managers, dealmakers, and investors for an unparalleled conference experience.

Date: November 28-30th, 2016

Venue: JW Marriott Marquis Miami | 255 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131 

Agenda: View Here

Pricing: SOLD OUT

Benefits of Attending the Family Office Super Summit:

  1. Billions of Dollars in Capital On Stage (and much more in the room): The Family Office Super Summit featured actual family offices and more of them on stage than any other event globally, not brokers or junior financial planners, because we know that families in our network and the hundreds of attendees in the room want to learn from the biggest single family offices and top-50 multi-family offices on what has worked for them, how they manage their capital, and what it takes to do business with a leading family office. 
  2. Tap Into & Meet With the Fastest-Growing Investor Group: Family offices are becoming an increasingly important investor group for hedge funds, private equity managers, real estate companies, private companies, and anyone who relies on outside capital.  These families control hundreds of billions of dollars and we invite family offices from all asset classes to attend this annual summit in South Florida.
  3. Get Real Business Done: Unlike other conferences and trade shows, the Family Office Super Summit is all about getting real business done and building real relationships.  There are multiple networking sessions throughout the 3 days, starting with a welcome cocktail hour the night of the 28th and continuing through the conference.  A Florida single family office CIO cheerfully told us at the end of our last event, “I came here with 100 business cards; I have 4 left.”  
  4. Skip the Bull: This conference isn’t a pitch fest by sponsors; it is a conference for investment and wealth management professionals.  You’ll hear directly from real family offices looking to allocate capital and, like all of our events, the investors on stage will give it to you straight on what drives their portfolio strategy, how they select investments, and where they are looking to invest their money going forward.
  5. More Value for Less Money: If you are wondering how to budget your marketing and conference dollars, consider this – the Family Office Super Summit is our largest conference of the year, featuring 45+ family offices on stage and many more in the audience over 2 days of content.  For the chance to engage such an exclusive audience for a single day, you can usually expect to pay north of $2,000 for just one day.  Attend the Family Office Super Summit on Nov. 29-30th for just $699 or become a charter to attend for free (more info: or give us a call at (305) 503-9077).

More Single, Multi & $1 Billion+ Family Office Speakers Than Any Other Conference. Here is the 2016 lineup:

Eric Wilcomes Eric Wilcomes
DuPont Capital Management

Anthony Annino Anthony Annino
Perspecta Trust
($1B+ Trust)

Matthew Storm Matthew Storm
CV Advisors
(Top 50 Family Office)

Pierre duPontPierre duPont
HPM Partners
($8B+ Family Office)
Richard Wilson Richard Wilson
The Miami Family Office
(Single Family Office $500m+ AUM)

Vincent Pica Vincent Pica
Safanad Inc.
($1B+ Single Family Office)

Katherin Zamsky Katherine Zamsky
Besyata Investment Group
(Single Family Office)

Candice Beaumont Candice Beaumont
L Investments
(Single Family Office)

Ira Perlmuter Ira Perlmuter
T5 Equity Partners
(Single Family Office)

Michael Sury Michael Sury
Indorus Holdings
(Single Family Office)

Sebastian Jano Sebastian Jano
Himan Brown Charitable Trust
(Single Family Office)

Eric Munson Eric Munson
Private Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Russell Deakin Russell Deakin
Brazil Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Howard Cooper Howard Cooper
Cooper Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Tom Groos Tom Groos
Tyden Ventures/City Light Capital
(Single Family Office)

David Fisher David Fisher
Bentley Capital
(Single Family Office)

Theodore O'Brien Theodore O’Brien
The Detroit Family Office
(Single Family Office $150m+ AUM)

Michael Felman Michael Felman
ShoreFront Capital
(Single Family Office)

Timothy Jacobson Timothy Jacobson
Pearl Capital Advisors
(Single Family Office)

Steven Simmons Steven Simmons
Sideris Capital Partners
(Single Family Office)

Steve Waters Steve Waters
World Vision

Marie Arrigo Marie Arrigo
EisnerAmper, LLC

Carl Sheeler Carl Sheeler
Berkeley Research Group

Paul Smith Paul Smith

David Sobelman David Sobelman
Generation Income Properties

Richard Klitzberg Richard Klitzberg
McDaniel College

Irwin Boris Irwin Boris
Confidential Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Jeff Kissee Jeff Kissee
Capital 8 Group

Michael Nelson Michael Nelson
Eagle Bay Advisors
(Multi-Family Office)

Jake Harris Jake Harris
Harris Bay

Sasha Bernier Sasha Bernier
Cheltenham Investments
(Single Family Office)

JP Maroney JP Maroney
Harbor City Capital Management

Angus West Angus West
Perspecta Trust
($1B+ Trust)

Jim Rubin Jim Rubin
RubinHaney Capital Management

Stacia Wells Stacia Wells
Bilzin Sumberg

Federico Benavides Federico Benavides
Beamonte Investments
(Single Family Office)

Brian Shelley Brian Shelley
Colmena Group
(Single Family Office)

Doug Fullaway Doug Fullaway
FourteenPlus, LLC

Karin Ford Karin Ford
MUFG Securities

Andrew Beaton Andrew Beaton
Capital Dynamics

Richard Stone Richard Stone
Palm Beach Investment Research Group
(Non-Profit Investor Club)

Sandro Salsano Sandro Salsano
Salsano Family Office
(Single Family office)

Sandro Salsano Jim Bertles
Tiedemann Wealth Management
($1B+ Family Office)

Sandro Salsano Allen Morris
The Allen Morris Company
Family Office

Michael Rutner Michael Rutner
ETA Investments
(Family Office)

Carlos Imery Carlos Imery
IP Family Office
(Single Family office)

Kenneth Heuer Jim Bertles
Kidd & Company
(Single Family Office)

Sandro Salsano Jeff Evans
Volta Global
Single Family Office

Fernando Zuniga Fernando Zúñiga
(Single Family Office)

Angelo Palacios Angelo Palacios
TRUST Family Office
Multi-Family Office

Beechwood Ventures Evan Renov
Beechwood Ventures
(Single Family Office)

Clifford Friedman Clifford Friedman
Raptor Group Holdings
(Single Family Office)

Cliff Oberlin Cliff Oberlin
Oberlin Wealth Partners
(Family Office)

Carlos Imery Chris Schembra
747 Club
Kenneth Heuer Harris Fried
The Fried Family Office
(Single Family Office)

Sandro Salsano Dan Farrell
Privos Capital
Family Office

Miriam Gonzalez-Lujan Miriam Gonzalez-Lujan
Vinart Corp Capital
(Single Family Office)

Lio Malca Lio Malca
Malco Fine Art
(Fine Art Investor)

Kenneth Heuer Neil Waldman
Waldman Capital Management
(Fund of Funds)

Additional family office speakers to be revealed shortly, please check back for updates.

Family Office Club’s Exclusive Advisory Council

NAPLIA Paul Smith –[email protected]

American Airlines

Paul Swartz – [email protected]

Benesch Law Jim Hill – [email protected]

AS Solution Scott Novins – [email protected]

FourteenPlus, LLC

Douglas Fullaway – [email protected]

Generation Income Properties David Sobelman – [email protected]

Two Bears Ranch Carl Sheeler- [email protected]

Harris Bay

Jake Harris – [email protected]

Family Office Super Summit Sponsors

Bilzin Sumberg CAF America World Vision World Vision
Capital Dynamics Capital Dynamics MUFG Securities The Capital 8 Group
Cardboard Technologies All India Mission Black River Technologies The Silk Companies
Forentis Partners LLC MedMen Air Partner MedMen

Thanks you to our Media Partners

Miami Finance Forum Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association ACG Florida Florida Angel Nexus Invest: Miami

Risk Free Offer: If you attend any of our full-day conferences and find that you don’t get at least $2,000 of value, Wilson Conferences will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid.  You will also be allowed to keep the copy of the family office book and handouts for your trouble.  At our last conference series in NYC with 450 participants we had a refund rate of exactly 0%. Our full refund policy can be found here.

Registration must be completed to hold seats for you or your team to attend. Events are strictly limited to 300-400 professionals at most venues and 700+ professionals for the 2-Day Family Office Super Summit in Miami.

Questions? Call us at (305) 503-9077

Fill out my online form.

Event Calendar: To see all of our upcoming events please view our Event Calendar.

We look forward to meeting and networking with you at the 2016 Family Office Super Summit.



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