Senior Philanthropy Director for Economic Development, World Vision U.S.

Steve Waters is the Senior Philanthropy Director for Economic Development at World Vision. He has over 20 years of experience in international sales, marketing management, and consulting. He has also served as managing director of a company located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His consulting clients have included Hewlett Packard, PwC’s Tax and Audit Division, Tiffany & Company, Universal Studios Orlando, EMC, OpenText Corporation, Kenes International, and General Mills. Steve holds a MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and an undergraduate degree from Messiah College.

“During graduate school, I had the opportunity to study in India. It was my first time experiencing extreme poverty. I was haunted by scenes of street children, dressed as clowns, meandering through New Delhi’s busy streets doing acrobatics and begging for money. Although I was there primarily to learn about international business, I also learned that over 300 million people in India (the equivalent of the total population of the US) were living on less than $1.50 a day. Since that time, my wife and I have been passionate about supporting solutions that work to alleviate this type of poverty. To have the opportunity to join World Vision’s Global Philanthropy Team is truly a privilege and an answer to our prayers! I am excited to be a part of the transformational work of World Vision, and its microfinance arm VisionFund, as it positively impacts children, their families, and their communities.”