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Seattle is one of the major financial hubs of the West Coast and certainly the Northwest region.  I’ve spoken with several family offices located in the region and it is certainly an expanding city for family offices in the area.   The following free guide to Seattle Family Offices will help you better understand Seattle family offices and provide you with resources to learn more about Seattle family offices. You should also check out our 100% free book on family offices.

Introduction to Seattle 

Seattle is the largest city in Washington and one of the 25 largest cities in the United States by population.  In addition to being a Northwest capital for wealth, it is also a financial and business capital for the region.

Why Seattle?

Seattle has developed a reputation among financial and investment professionals as a hub in the region.  The city also has a vibrant business community and a strong economy that has produced a lot of wealth in the area.  Compared to nearby Portland or Boise, Seattle is the clear choice for investors looking for a top-tier financial advisor or investment solution in the Northwest.  With firms like Russell Investments–which employs thousands of workers and has $137.6 billion in assets under management–Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing all headquartered in Seattle, there are a great deal of wealthy financial and business professionals that may require a family office.

Family Offices in Seattle 

The large business and financial institutions headquartered in Seattle suggests Seattle will also be a prime destination for local family offices, looking to service the wealthy in the large metropolis.  There are also nearby pockets of wealth that family offices will likely look to target like Gig Harbor and Bainbridge Island.  There are already several large family offices operating in Seattle like the Threshold Group, which actually started by managing the wealth of the founding family of Russell Investments.

The following is a collection of Seattle family office resources:

Seattle Family Office Resources Guide

Seattle Family Office Resource #1: Here is an article on a Seattle family office that is interested in sub-advisory services.

Seattle Family Office Resource #2: If you are looking for contact details of family offices in Seattle you may want to consider using a Family Offices Database.  A Family Office Database provides you with the complete contact details for 100’s or sometimes even up to 1,000 global single and multi-family offices within an easy to use Excel spreadsheet format.  Learn more about this by clicking here. 

Seattle Family Office Resource #3: Here is an article about a family office opening a new office in Seattle and why they chose the area.

Seattle Family Office Resource #4: The Threshold Group is one of the largest–if not the largest–family office in the Northwest.  Based in Seattle, the Threshold Group even has a blog that you can read here.

Seattle Family Office Resource #5: Here is a guide to family offices in the United States that we have put together.

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Be sure to check out for our family office database and our free book on family offices.

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