Monty Elsabbagh

Monty Elsabbagh is a global wealth architect that serves ultra high-net-worth individuals in North America, MENA and Asia. 

As a technology pioneer, by the age of 23 he had generated over $20 Million in sales online leading him into financial technology and building custom and turn-key solutions for ultra-affluent private clients and families. 

He is currently the Director of Marketing for GCN Canada Inc, a global consortium building a $3.5 billion economic free-zone and is a Partner and Head of Global Business Development for Family Office Tech, a subsidiary of Globus Financial.

Monty is known for his access to strategic relationships and bringing a “first principles” approach to re-thinking new and innovative financial products and opportunities for clients providing them with informational and analytical advantages in the market.

His latest passion has stemmed from the emergence of Blockchain and is currently working on a new Cryptocurrency for clients that will serve a new era of wealth generation in a decentralized economy. 

To learn more, download his latest case study research at

Monty is married, has two daughters and enjoys transcendental mediation, cross-fit exercise, deep sea fishing, chess and travelling.

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