Michael Studer

Michael Studer2Michael Studer is the co-founder of the Oil & Gas Syndicate, LLC which provides family offices with direct investments into the energy industry while providing education on oil and gas investing and trends.

Michael is also President and sole shareholder of Western Petroleum Resources, Inc. – a 33 year old oil and gas company which principally invests in working interest in various oil and gas wells throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It originated the oil and gas investing diversification concept of creating drilling programs consisting of multiple wells with multiple successful operators in multiple proven oi land gas basins all in in one investment vehicle. Since 1982, Western Petroleum Resources and its investors have participated in drilling over 400 wells and are currently managing 92 wells. Mr. Studer acquired all of the common stock in May 2013.

In partnership with a family office, Mr. Studer is managing partner of West River Energy, LLC which is focused on acquiring producing properties in multi-stacked plays throughout Oklahoma.