Michael FelmanMichael Felman is the Portfolio Manager for family office ShoreFront Capital.He is also President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors, a global financial advisory firm. His firm represents institutional investors such as family offices, venture capital, private equity, fund of funds, hedge funds and a select group of high net worth individuals. With over 60 years of legal and financial experience, the principals of MSF Capital Advisors have the knowledge and expertise to properly source, structure and evaluate investment opportunities for its clients. For over 20 years, Michael Felman was a practicing Attorney helping individuals and small businesses with their legal needs. Today, Michael Felman has been a trusted financial advisor to investors helping them navigate the sometimes difficult world of the capital markets. On behalf of his clients, he has conducted extensive due diligence on new hedge fund managers using a top down approach. Our clients are looking to capture Alpha while minimizing Beta. The organizational structure as well as the trading strategy of the Hedge Fund is carefully analyzed to first determine the level of transparency within the organization and then to determine the true risk adjusted return.