Leah ZveglichLeah Zveglich is a managing partner with Aster Family Advisors. Leah is your trusted partner who ensures that all the services are aligned with family strategy and values and contribute to building family legacy while maximizing family capital. She directly manages any services under family legacy and leadership including family strategy, family values, family governance, family committees, succession planning and family business. Her expertise are in growth strategy, leadership development and transformation management. She is an executive coach, strategy consultant and facilitator.

She has been working with family businesses, international organizations and multinational companies providing strategy, executive coaching, leadership development and organizational development for last 14 years. Her strength is innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and intuitive insights into organizations and people. With systems thinking approach, she looks at roots causes and interlinkage of issues rather than looking at the symptoms and quick solutions. With appreciative inquiry, she explores multiple possibilities and proactively create an ideal future rather than fixing problems. Prevention and sustainability are her focus. Clients appreciate her direct and pragmatic approach which is often non-conventional.

As director of EnasĀ Coaching, she oversaw development of coaching and mentoring software. As managing director of DOOR South East, she established offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines and managed operations of consulting, coaching and training services in the South East Asia region as well as globally. As president of Aster International, a mail order company specializing in exclusive gift items made in the US, she expanded into international markets before mail order companies went global and established reputation with strong customer service and unique product selection. She also worked for an educational institute, UNIDO, BBC, and EuroSki. She was an Olympic Attache for San Marino during Seoul Olympic Games, active supporter and former president of International Student Association.

She is global citizen, born in Korea, lived in 10 countries and worked in over 20 countries. She is a life-long learner who enjoys learning new things combining theory with practice. She studied organizational behavior at Harvard University, international business at University of Western Sydney, and musicology at Seoul National University.

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