Julio Gonzalez

Julio GonzalezJulio Gonzalez founded Engineered Tax Services (ETS) (www.engineeredtaxservices.com) and Return On Energy to marry the science of architecture, engineering with the principles of tax and accounting to arrive at financial solutions that result in increased cash flow, minimized tax payments and increased ROI and return on energy.

These IRS sanctioned services include Cost Segregation Studies, Repair & Maintenance Studies (263a/162), Fixed Asset Retirement Studies, Disposition studies, Energy Tax Credits (179D) and Deductions, Energy Audits, LEED Certification Services, Insurance Appraisals and Energy credits.

ETS is a nationally licensed engineering firm which is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with 15 offices nationwide and over 140 employees and consultants. ETS works with many of the Top 100 CPA firms and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Julio P. Gonzalez is assisted by a staff of dedicated professionals in engineering, architecture and accounting. Engineered Tax Services, Inc. specializes in providing a wide spectrum of engineered accounting solutions to include cost segregation studies, repair and maintenance studies, Research & Development Tax Credits, energy tax credits, Green Building and LEEDS Building engineering and certification. Mr. Gonzalez is a pioneer in the tax energy field and devoted to the conservation of resources.

He speaks nationally regarding cost segregation studies, green construction and the emerging energy tax programs for Lorman, NBI and The Seminar Group. Mr. Gonzalez has had recent articles published nationally in many CPA and Real Estate Investment Publications.