Prior to founding The Capital 8 Group, Jeff started his professional career by pursuing a Civil Engineering degree, a good match for his technical mind and love of order. For over 20 years he owned and operated a very successful construction company that served movie stars, sports celebrities and other high net worth individuals.

The 20 years of experience and success gave Jeff a critical skill set that he now leverages for The Capital 8 Group investors. His own technical knowledge means he can leverage the insights of inspectors and other contractors, instead of blindly relying on them. He is also able to quickly identify and distinguish cosmetic problems vs. more serious structural issues which helps him identify growth opportunities. Jeff knows how to recognize and accurately estimate the costs associated with deferred maintenance as well as safety issues/opportunities. This expertise is significant both during due diligence phase as well as the duration of the ownership of the property and a key reason for the significant returns investors enjoy.

From a property management standpoint, Jeff believes in aggressively looking for and dealing with problems to minimize their potential impact on project budgets and goals. Every property will have issues. Knowledgeable professionals understand that issues grow in size and cost as time goes by. Jeff knows how to gauge the seriousness of an issue and not only evaluate but also execute the best option for resolving them. His background, insights and expertise are an invaluable asset for managing risk, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.

Jeff leads physical property assessment and due diligence including surrounding area safety and economic assessments as well as on-site preparation for disposition. He manages broker relations and is responsible for investor relations and communication, raising money and marketing with The Capital 8 Group.