Gabriel N.

Gabriel leads a real estate development company, with his brother and brother-in-law. The company focuses on the ownership, management, development, and acquisition of commercial properties throughout Florida, and already owns more than two million square feet of retail real estate. His real estate development company is aggressively focused on expanding that.
Before starting a real estate venture, Gabriel already had a career—his family ran a successful chain of drug stores, thirty-three stores, located through the Miami-Dade County area, generated $330 million in sales. Their success caught the attention of CVS Health, which acquired the pharmacy chain in 2014.
CVS acquired his family’s Pharmacies in large part to gain insights from the chain’s fifty-plus years serving Hispanic consumers. Navarro’s focus on the merchandising side led CVS to ask him to stay with the company for two years in the role of chief of Hispanic consumer growth, reporting to the president of CVS Pharmacy.
Gabriel’s contributions helped the CVS/pharmacy y másconcept become a success. Some of the key features include more than 1,500 Hispanic-sourced products throughout the stores, an increased emphasis on value, and bilingual signage and associates in the stores