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Attend this fast-paced workshop on family offices to get up to speed on how the ultra-wealthy invest, are managing their assets, protecting their wealth, and allocating their capital

The Family Office Fundamentals workshop is our most intensive training workshop 100% focused on the ultra-wealthy marketplace, and the investment activities of investors with net worths of $10M, $25M and well over $100M each. Through case studies, worksheets, and example deals closed instructor Richard C. Wilson will cover 30 different concepts related ot the family office industry in this one-day fast-moving workshop.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Reshape your actions and position in the marketplace to be more naturally attractive and genuinely valuable to family offices to create more co-investment and deal flow opportunities.
  2. Gain an edge over industry competitors who are not aware of or taking action to adjust to the multi-trillion dollar family office trend.
  3. Understand why the family office industry is thriving, will do well through a recession, and is just starting to take shape.
  4. Close more deals through superior options on investment structures, fee alignment, and avoiding the top mistakes that blow up family office deals consistently but are easily avoided.
  5. Leave the workshop with specific quarterly goals to help move forward your family office industry relationships, position, and strategy.

Admission to the Family Office Fundamentals Workshop is limited to the first 175 participants, so if you would like to reserve your seat today please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Senior Living Equity Partners

Senior Living Equity Partners, LLC is a real estate preferred equity fund formed to build a large portfolio of market rate, private pay, service-enriched, senior living communities (SLCs). We are not a blind pool fund. We convert relationships with proven SLC developer/operators into MOUs, then arrange to fund at which time the MOUs become binding investment Agreements. The Agreements create the Fund’s programmatic SLC investment pipeline that gives Fund investors great visibility into the Fund’s investment timing, operator relationships, portfolio make-up, and IRRs. Current MOUs will require a Fund size of over $500 million for 30 projects over the next five years.

Custom Real Estate Transactions

JPR Manager, LLC

JPR Manager, LLC is a sponsor of customizable real estate transactions, including private offerings, as well as partnerships to fit our investors’ needs and risk tolerance. Upon the purchase of either our Property company or a membership interest in our Property Company, our investors will have the option to develop a parcel of land, hold it for long term investment, or to conserve the land, which could provide investors with a significant tax savings under IRS tax code 170(h). Not only can you reduce your tax liability with this option, but you can also help the environment. Visit our website at

Group RMC Corporation

Group RMC Corporation (RMC) is a Delaware U.S. registered real estate Co-Investment and management company based in New York City. RMC investsin, sponsors and is the General Partner in undervalued income producing Office properties in secondary and tertiary U.S. markets. RMC currently oversees in the U.S., principally in the Midwest, over 5,700,000 SF representing over USD 1.5 Billion in asset value.

RMC’s principals typically participate with 5% to 25% in each partnership and offer partners the opportunity to co-invest as RMC is seeking like-minded partners not simply ‘clients’. As a consequence, RMC only levies its charges up-front and only in the form of shares in the partnership. RMC does NOT charge ‘back end’, ‘carry’ or even management fees to the partnership as these all serve only to hemorrhage the returns on the partners’ capital.

This structure is unique in both its low pricing and risk sharing. A further and differentiating factor is that RMC and its partners are permanent and patient investors–in other words, real investors as it should be for a long-term asset class like real estate. Exit usually comes in the form of refinancing and/or increasing distributions. Occasionally irresistible offers do occur and RMC will sell, but RMC will never be a forced seller.


True North Resources is a dynamic real estate company that encompasses mineral, land, and historic building ventures to optimize developmental strategies based on the highest and best use.
True North works to promote economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.  The company is passionate about the conservation of natural resources and aligns its developmental strategies with environmental impact studies.
One such strategy includes investment in undeveloped land with the possibility of the conservation easement, a socially responsible investment that helps to conserve natural resources for future generations while also providing tax savings to investors.
Over the past 5 years, True North Resources has saved mineral and undeveloped land investors over $500 million dollars in tax deductions while saving valuable natural resources of the United States.
The leadership of True North encompasses extensive experience in the legal, tax consulting, development, and security industries and are available to address inquiries regarding mineral, land, and historic building ventures.



Talos Holdings was formed with the mission of creating financial freedom for our venture partners and a legacy of growth, flourishing, and fulfillment for our grateful residents. Over the years we have succeeded in our goals and have earned a reputation as a company that can identify rich opportunities, structure successful investment strategies, and employ best-in-class operators to enhance value.


Hughes & Company

Hughes & Company is an independent, Fort Lauderdale based introducing broker that specializes in exceptional client and relationship management. Dedicated to institutional futures and options brokerage, we work with commodity trading advisors, family offices, and professional traders. We assist with setting up accounts that are customized to each specific situation. Every relationship is optimized based on trading, advisor, platform, commission, custodian, and overall goals in mind. Additionally, we assist with master account setups, portfolio margining, risk management, give in/out trading, advisor selection, and serve as a one stop solution for the futures markets.

Reliant Investments

Reliant Investments is a commercial self-storage operator out of Roswell, GA. We offer to accredited investors institutional quality commercial self-storage investments. Reliant Real Estate purchased its first facility in 2005 and is currently a top 30 self-storage operator in the United States. Partner with an industry leader and experience the value of the self-storage asset class.
Time and time again, we have met and exceeded industry benchmarks, making our exceptional track record the standard for the industry. Reliant Investments is proud to be your partner on this lucrative journey ahead.

Alternative Investment Resource

Established in 2004, Alternative Investment Resource (AIR) is an independent boutique financial services firm focused exclusively on alternative investments. AIR provides investment banking services to the middle market and specializes in capital raise, mergers & acquisition, and structured finance. With a broad experience base across sectors, the firm has particular depth in real estate, healthcare, and niche emerging hedge funds. AIR is headquartered in Chicago, with operations in New York and Dallas.

CapRock Real Estate

CapRock Real Estate acquires, manages and brokers e-commerce resistant community retail centers for family offices and private clients. Since its founding 11 years ago, the company has managed or sold 51 properties comprising 2.6M SF of retail plus an additional 1.8M SF in office and industrial space. Founded by two industry veterans, CapRock started out at the depth of the Great Recession in 2009 as a receiver and manager for Special Servicers of defaulted CMBS assets. Today the firm focusses on implementing high-touch asset management execution of business plans for $760K SF of investor-owned retail properties.

Westbow Capital

Westbow Capital is a real estate fund that focuses on acquiring low to mid-density residential income-producing real estate properties in Western Canada in order to pay out rental income as distributions to investors. Westbow Capital plans on generating high returns for investors by making strategic acquisitions and effectively managing the properties. The Westbow Management team has over 40 years’ experience building and owning real estate all over North America. This has taught the team many lessons in the analysis, acquisition, disposition, repairs, upgrading, and other facets that are core to managing rental real estate properties.

Encore Permian

West-Texas-rooted EnCore Permian is backed by a large private capital firm with over $14 billion in assets. J. D. Smith (Big Spring, Texas) and Josh Lorenz (Midland, Texas) founded EnCore Permian as a successor to PetroLima, LLC. Expanding on the former company’s leasehold and mineral acquisition strategies, the new endeavor has grown into an upstream exploration and production firm. Encore Permian focuses its efforts in the core Midland basin counties and the core Delaware basin counties. The Company unlocks the power of Landowner’s wealth through leasing or purchasing minerals at competitive prices.

Attendees:  Past attendees have included wealthy families looking to form a family office, single family offices, multi-family offices, real estate investment professionals, private business owners, hedge fund and private equity fund managers, investment bankers, private banking professionals, CPAs, attorneys, placement agents, third party marketers, and insurance agents.  This event places an emphasis on direct investments and deal flow, thus participants are typically either representing a deal or looking to invest capital in a new investment.

Risk-Free Offer: If you attend any of our full-day conferences and find that you don’t get at least $1,000 of value, The Family Office Club will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid. You will also be allowed to keep a copy of the family office book and handouts for your trouble.  At our last conference series in NYC with 350 participants, we had an exact refund rate of 0%. Our full refund policy can be found here.

Questions? Call us at (305) 503-9077

We look forward to meeting and networking with you at this family office conference and hopefully a few more of our events in 2019.

Richard C. Wilson
CEO & Founder
The Family Office Club
(305) 503-9077
328 Crandon Blvd. Suite #225
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149

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You Will Benefit From This Event, Guaranteed. We only include practical proven marketing strategies and methods and we know you will get a ton of value out of attending this event.  If you attend and don’t get at least $1,000 worth of value for any reason at all, we will give you 100% of your money back within 1 business day.    
Here is what our clients are saying:
“It is a great knowledge adding event. Every high net-worth individual and Family Office must attend.” – HP Shah (Single Family Office)  
“Richard’s conference was a very well organized and well attended. The speakers/presenters were excellent and highly experience in the field. I picked up useful info on the macro view of family office issues and family office criteria for selecting individual managers.” – Dan Drennan, Hedge US  
 “The workshop was time well-invested. The presenters were very knowledgeable, and the information gained will be useful in our multi-family office practice.” – Joseph McNair, Warren Averet Asset Management  
 “The conference did an excellent job of consolidating thousands of hours of information into a single day. Worth 1000%+ my investment of time and money.” – David Weisburd   
 “As a small boutique firm in the family office space, the Family Office Group seminars have been a valuable resource for our firm giving us the opportunity to learn from industry insiders to help us grow our business.” – Karen M. Schmid, Moirai Capital Management, LLC 
“This conference and your conference I attended in Los Angeles last month is by far the best venue I have experienced.” – Michael Herr, BroadRiver Asset Management, L.P.   
“As always, Richard’s group has delivered again great information and speakers on Family Offices. If you can only join one occasion- this is the one.” – Don F. Wilkinson, Family Office Consulting, LLC  
“Richard’s Investment Marketing Seminar in NYC was educational, current, and inspiring. We all benefitted from Richard’s breadth of knowledge surrounding the hedge fund marketing arena as his presentation delved into the granular level, while only providing valuable, relevant information. His stories and anecdotes were woven seamlessly into the presentation, serving as both motivational and informative tools.”   – Justin Browe, Founding Partner Sage Lane Capital
“It was a pleasure meeting you today at the NYC Investment marketing Seminar, hosted by you/your firm. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your invest relations ideas/insight. Again, thank you for hosting such an informative and thought-provoking event. I look forward to attending future events held by your firm.” – Mike Krumenacker, Director of Business Development & Investor Relations at Taum Sauk Capital Management
“Richard Wilson’s expert knowledge and current insights about the hedge fund universe provided an invaluable checklist of the dos and don’ts in investment fund marketing.” – Johanna Thornblad, Meridian Fund Managers 
“A high class event with the “right” people in the room. People are open and informative but still maintain discrete and tasteful nature that is so vital in the Family Office space.” – Alexander Camargo, Celent
 “The family office training workshop provides an opportunity for all industry participants together in a selective group and share ideas, concerns, and network FO issues. For us in the advisory and consulting world, this is an excellent source of knowledge and contacts.” – Isabella Fonseca, Celent
“This was a fantastic, educational experience. Incredible content, great perspective and well-chosen speakers. Nice, diverse presentations.” – David Stevens, Southern Asset Management 
“Highly valuable education to Family Offices. Great environment to learn and meet. Networking is beneficial.” – Marquita Maria Topovski, The Marquita Group 
“A very good conference, worth the special trip from London. The workshop was delivered in a very professional atmosphere and was very good value for the money.” – John Braund, Amscorp Capital Ltd  
“Today I have had the opportunity to learn about Family Offices from the masters, which is so inspiring. Thank you Richard!” – Dr. Jerry Drobenko 
“I was very impressed with the quality of the presenters and the topics discussed. Looking forward to the next event!!!” – Frank Mariuaro, Moutrose Accounting
 “Great event and worth my trip from Beijing.” – Alex Gong 
 “Rich insight across a multitude of Family Office challenges and opportunities. Top notch presenters and high energy networking. Well done.” – Jake Rosser 
“This was my first family office event and it was great. I met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. If you don’t know where to start, start here.” – Raymond Gustafson
 “Richard presents closed-door information from important contacts that provide powerful insights. Thank you.” – Tony Hartman, Mark Private Capital 

“The diversity of speakers covering different topics was extremely helpful.” – Joy Hou, Solution Financing  

“The presentation was excellent, very practical and worth of its own merit. I know more now than if I was to try and learn this material through other courses. Richard is down to earth in presenting and his advice is doable and real. ” -Dennis E. Carr, BancportCommercial Capital  
“The workshop was well worth my time to fly to New York. You gave me a lot of great ideas to raise more capital.” -JaceVernon, Why Lucid FX