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We recently put together a short Family Office Database Guide on how to do business and create joint ventures together with single and multi-family offices.  This book is a great concise resource for anyone looking to raise family office capital or just learn enough about the marketplace to decide if it is right for them or not.  This guide was put together as an introduction to the marketplace for those purchasing our family office database, so they don’t have to go into the space blind to the preferences of this investor type.

If you have questions about the guide and wish to receive a copy please email our team to subject line: Database Guide Book

Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. Africa & Emerging Markets
    2. Angels Investor Database
    3. Asia Family Office
    4. Asia Investor Database
    5. Automotive Investor Database
    6. Bank Database
    7. Canadian Investor Database
    8. Cannabis Investor Database
    9. Commercial & Development Investor Database
    10. Consumer Investor Database
    11. Corporate Venture Capital Database
    12. Endowments
    13. Energy Investors
    14. ETF, Commodities, Bonds & Stock Investors
    15. European Family Offices
    16. European Investor Database
    17. Fintech Investors
    18. Fix and Flip Investor Database
    19. Food and Beverage
    20. Fund of Funds Database
    21. Healthcare
    22. Hedge Fund Investor Database
    23. Hospitality Investor Database
    24. Impact In
    25. Industrial Real Estate Investment Firm
    26. Institutional Investment Consultant Database
    27. Insurance Investment Database
    28. LATAM Family Offices
    29. LATAM Investor Database
    30. Manufacturing Investor Database
    31. Middle East Investor Database
    32. Multi-Family Office Database
    33. Manufacturing and Industrial Investor Database
    34. Oceania & Australia Family Office Database
    35. Oceania & Australia Investor Database
    36. Pension Fund Database
    37. Private Equity Database
    38. Private Real Estate Investment Database
    39. Philanthropic Investor Database
    40. Real Estate Family Office Database
    41. Real Estate Investment Trust REIT
    42. Retail Investors Database
    43. Single Family Office Database
    44. Sovereign Wealth Fund Database
    45. Self-Storage Investor Database
    46. Senior Living Investor Database
    47. Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)
    48. TV, Film, Media, Entertainment Investors
    49. Technology Investor Database
    50. UK Family Office Database
    51. USA Family Office Database
    52. Venture Capital Database
    53. Wealth Management Database

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