The following are 36 audio interviews that we have personally conducted with Family Office Consultants, MFOs, SFOs, and other professionals in the family office industry.  This is the first and only collection of insight and advice provided within the single and multiple family office industry.

Family Office Audio Interviews: To listen to each interview, click the links below.  In addition, we now provide you with access to the Mp3 source file by right clicking on the provided link and choosing “Save As”.

– Frank Casey – Edward Stavetski
– David Thomas – Matthew Andrade
– Jared Hendler – Angelo Robles
– Peter Schuppli – Mike Connor
– Rogerio Bastos – Tim Calveley
– Chris Allen – Ruth Robinson
– Marc Lowlicht Furtherlane – Tal Speilman
– Tim Vorhees – Charles Grace
– Harvey Abrams – Bret Magpiong
– Thomas Handler – Avi Gelboim
– John Gryzmala – Jeff Colin
– Arnold Bon Luxembourg – Bradley Fischer
– Andrew Hector – Paul Tramontano
– Shane Giles – Greg Kushner
– Evan Cooperman – Graham Harrison
– Elizabeth Hammock – Bob Benson
– Lukas Dorig – Brian Hughes
– Lous Hannah – Eric Bennet

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