David Andrew Fisher is the Chief Investment Officer at Bentley Capital, a single family office that manages a broad range of investments worldwide, plus makes sustainable investments in timberland, farmland and other real estate in North America.

David has over 30 years of experience in business, finance and law. He is currently (a) Board & Investment Committee Member at Innova Capital, a leading PE firm in Europe, (b) Chairman of the Board of Da Vinci PE Fund and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Da Vinci PE Fund 2, both CIS PE funds, (c) Non-executive Director of Argo Group Ltd, a London Stock Exchange AIM-listed company, and of Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund Ltd, and (d) Advisory Board member of TCA Fund Management Group, a very successful global credit fund manager. He has also taken on several projects on behalf of major shareholders to fix funds and companies going through difficult periods.

As a partner at Innova Capital, he led many of Innova’s successful investments and served on those boards. He also has served on the Boards of the Harvard Club of Poland, Polish Private Equity Association and Polish National Investment Fund II (by appointment of the Prime Minister). He is a Chartered Director with the Institute of Directors (UK), a member of National Assn. of Corporate Directors (US), and has a diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from the UK Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Through his own Family Office, Bentley Capital Ltd, he also invests in sustainable timberland and farmland in North America and in other asset classes worldwide.

Mr. Fisher served as a Captain in the US Army, is a member of MENSA, and holds degrees from Davidson College (BA), Vanderbilt Law School (JD), and Harvard Business School (MBA). He is an American citizen who resided in Europe for more than 15 years and worked in many emerging markets. Currently, he spends about half his time on charitable activities.

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