• Justin Papuga is Director of Investor Relations of CA Ventures. CA Ventures is a Chicago-based vertically-integrated real estate investment management company that develops, owns and operates student, senior, and multi-family housing-delivering compelling investor returns through best-in-class development, acquisition, and asset operations. http://www.ca-ventures.com/ | (630)-542-4796 | [email protected] | 130 E. Randolph Street Suite 2100 Chicago, Il 60601 United States http://www.ca-ventures.com/
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  • Mike Hall is President at Crystal Mountain Relations Investments Inc. Crystal Mountain Relations Investments identifies, evaluates, and acquires income producing properties in the two to ten million dollar range.They consistently seek out a mix of re-position and value play opportunities in the Texas Triangle, as well as, other emerging markets.
    300 Center Dr. Suite G-185 Superior, CO 80027 /303-499-9769/[email protected]

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