Capital Raising 101

May 7TH, 2021

How to Get Started in Closing Deals & Raising at Least $5 Million a Year

What do 95% of successful capital raisers do that you are not doing today?  What are the 4 mistakes that 100% of those new to raising capital commit without knowing it?  What are things often done that instantly kill any chance of raising capital, yet virtually all investors are too polite to point it out to you when it happens? 
If you are raising capital you need to know the fundamentals, the terminology, the areas to focus your energy on, and have an array of 50 actions you could take to get momentum in raising capital so you can select the 10 you can act on now which make the most sense for your opportunity.  The founder of our investor club, Richard C. Wilson has met face-to-face with over 3,000 investors, he closed on $260M+ in investment commitments last year, the clients he manages, companies he owns or is on the board of have raised well over $1 Billion in capital from investors, and he has conducted over 50 full-day workshops and capital raising training sessions over the past 14 years.
The Capital Raising 101 workshop will equip those relatively new to raising capital, who personally have been raising $0-$5 million a year in capital with best practices, insights, models, processes, and small group exercises to help them become more effective.  You will leave with completed worksheets, further homework to complete, and several strategies that when stacked on each other will dramatically alter your results while attempting to raise capital.
Here is exactly what we will cover at the Capital Raising 101 Workshop:

  1. The 10 Sins of Bad Capital Raisers
  2. The 7 Fundamentals of Raising Capital
  3. Finding Your Focus – 5 Filters to Consider While Refining It  
  4. The Basic Pitch Materials You Must Have in Place
  5. The 4 Things Every Investor Wants but Virtually Nobody Provides Today
  6. The One Theme & Underlying Truth Behind Every Deal Closing
This workshop will be 4 hours long, it will include networking with peers, hot-seat coaching from the trainer, worksheets to complete, and you will leave with an action list on what to improve next in the area of investor relations and your investment offering.  Past participants who have found these workshops very helpful have included business owners, fund managers, real estate developers and funds, private equity sponsors, placement agents, consultants, and those looking to raise capital for a new project.  
We have removed all risk and reversed it, so you can attend this workshop if you are new to our investor community for just $1, after which the membership will roll into a $199 one month trial period, and then roll into our regular charter membership which is monthly or can be paid annually upfront. You can cancel at any time for any reason, there is no long-term contract to sign, we know that you likely will get great value from the content and find our membership platform worth your time invested.  When you register for this event you will instantly be able to RSVP for many of our 20 live events per year, can get started on your capital raising or family office certification, access our 600+ recorded investor mandates in our member portal, and submit your materials for your quarterly pitch deck and investor pitch materials review which is all free with membership.  
We look forward to working with you at this event.

Member Testimonials

Testimonials | Here is what our clients are saying:

 You Will Benefit From This Event, Guaranteed. We only include practical proven marketing strategies and methods and we know you will get a ton of value out of attending this event.  If you attend and don’t get at least $1,000 worth of value for any reason at all, we will give you 100% of your money back within 1 business day.


Attendees:  Past attendees have included wealthy families looking to form a family office, single family offices, multi-family offices, real estate investment professionals, private business owners, hedge fund and private equity fund managers, investment bankers, private banking professionals, CPAs, attorneys, placement agents, third party marketers, and insurance agents.  This event places an emphasis on direct investments and deal flow, thus participants are typically either representing a deal or looking to invest capital in a new investment.

Risk-Free Offer: If you attend our summit and find that you don’t get at least $1,000 of value, The Family Office Club will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid. You will also be allowed to keep a copy of the event recording and materials for your trouble. Our full refund policy can be found here.

Questions? Call us at +1 (305) 503-9077

We look forward to meeting and networking with you at this workshop and hopefully a few more of our events in 2021.


Richard C. Wilson


(305) 503 – 9077
11445 E Via Linda, Suite 2-623
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

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