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CapitalCon 2019 provides delegates with more perspectives and insights on capital raising in a single day than any other event globally.

Join us for CapitalCon 2019, #1 most powerful event globally for anyone working in investor relations and capital raising. With 25 capital raising veterans on stage who have all raised over $100M+ each, delegates will experience a fire-hose of non-stop 10 minute TED Talk like presentations on what each speaker believes was their key or unique strategy to raising more capital. Typically nobody shares their insights and secrets with others when they are great at raising capital, or if someone gives you advice they are selling you a bill of goods, and most people are lucky to sit down with 2 or 3 people a year who have raised $100M to get straight advice on the subject. Here you will get advice from 25 expert capital raisers in rapid-fire fashion, so it literally could be more advice then you have heard your entire career on the subject all packed into a single day.

This event is relevant and valuable for investment fund managers, asset managers, independent sponsors, investor relations professionals, third party marketers and placements agents, operating businesses looking to raise capital, board members of investment firms, and service providers who want to be better connectors and advisors to their investment industry clients. The speaker mix includes some brokers and placement agents who have each raised $1B+ each but most speakers are likely to be more similar to you running their own private equity fund, real estate development firm, private business, or asset management company.

There will be new ideas, fresh insights, and actionable models to emulate for everyone at CapitalCon. As always we guarantee you will love it or we will refund your ticket price to attend. We hope to make this the most valuable capital raising event you have ever attended so please register below as seating at this venue is limited.

Date:  July 10th, 2019

Venue:  Westin New York at Times Square | 270 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Benefits of Attending:

  1. Maximum Capital Raising Perspectives: There is no other way to get this many insights and strategies on raising capital in a single day of time, there will be common things a few experts on stage mention that will mean those are most likely things that should be happening on your team, and there will be unique ideas you have never heard before that you will be able to emulate.

  2. Connect with Peers, Accountability Partners, or JV Partners: You will be in a room only with those looking to raise more capital, many will have experiences and tools to share even if they are not on stage that day. You are likely to come away seeing a few familiar faces from our other Family Office Club events, or potentially a JV partner who could help you raise capital, or an accountability partner to have a weekly or monthly call with to make sure you are both executing on improving your capital raising systems consistently.

  3. New Tools & Resources: Many of the speakers will be mentioning tools, resources, and software programs they use while raising capital from managing their investor relations data rooms, to setting up a drip thought leadership campaign, to re-marketing to investors or following up with them in real time as they open your Pitch Deck via an email you sent them.

Workshop Chairman-Richard C. Wilson

Richard is one of the most well-known thought leaders and experts on capital raising and marketing investment funds to institutional investors. Richard C. Wilson helps $100M+ net worth families create and manage their single family offices and currently has signed contracts with 20+ families worth over $100M in net worth and a handful over $1B+. Richard is the founder of the Family Office Club, the largest membership-based family office association (, along with equity holdings in companies with over $20M a year in combined revenue.

To see the 25 speakers who are booked for CapitalCon please see the Speakers tab here on the page, each of these speakers will be sharing their insights for 10 minutes and then taking a few questions from the audience.


Past attendees of our events and workshops have included investment funds, real estate and private equity independent sponsors, private bankers and wealth managers, capital raising consultants and third party marketers, investment industry service providers who want to position themselves and their firms, and investment bankers and M&A brokers looking to get more deals done every year.  Wealthy families with multiple operating entities looking for a marketing and investor relations edge.

2017 CapitalCon Attendees
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Risk Free Offer

If you attend any of our full-day conferences and find that you don’t get at least $2,000 of value, the Family Office Club will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid. You will also be allowed to keep the copy of the Family Office Book and handouts for your trouble. At our last conference series in NYC with over 350 participants, we had an exact refund rate of 0%. Our full refund policy can be found here.

Questions? Call us at (305) 503-9077

We look forward to meeting you at CapitalCon and hopefully a few more of our events in 2018.

Richard C. Wilson
Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP)
Founder & CEO

The Family Office Club
(305) 503-9077
328 Crandon Blvd. Ste. #225
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149


You Will Benefit From This Event, Guaranteed. We only include practical proven marketing strategies and methods and we know you will get a ton of value out of attending this event.  If you attend and don’t get at least $1,000 worth of value for any reason at all, we will give you 100% of your money back within 1 business day.    

Here is what our clients are saying:

“It is a great knowledge adding event. Every high net-worth individual and Family Office must attend.” – HP Shah (Single Family Office)  
“Richard’s conference was a very well organized and well attended. The speakers/presenters were excellent and highly experience in the field. I picked up useful info on the macro view of family office issues and family office criteria for selecting individual managers.” – Dan Drennan, Hedge US  
 “The workshop was time well-invested. The presenters were very knowledgeable, and the information gained will be useful in our multi-family office practice.” – Joseph McNair, Warren Averet Asset Management  
 “The conference did an excellent job of consolidating thousands of hours of information into a single day. Worth 1000%+ my investment of time and money.” – David Weisburd   
 “As a small boutique firm in the family office space, the Family Office Group seminars have been a valuable resource for our firm giving us the opportunity to learn from industry insiders to help us grow our business.” – Karen M. Schmid, Moirai Capital Management, LLC 
“This conference and your conference I attended in Los Angeles last month is by far the best venue I have experienced.” – Michael Herr, BroadRiver Asset Management, L.P.   
“As always, Richard’s group has delivered again great information and speakers on Family Offices. If you can only join one occasion- this is the one.” – Don F. Wilkinson, Family Office Consulting, LLC  
“Richard’s Investment Marketing Seminar in NYC was educational, current, and inspiring. We all benefitted from Richard’s breadth of knowledge surrounding the hedge fund marketing arena as his presentation delved into the granular level, while only providing valuable, relevant information. His stories and anecdotes were woven seamlessly into the presentation, serving as both motivational and informative tools.”   – Justin Browe, Founding Partner Sage Lane Capital
“It was a pleasure meeting you today at the NYC Investment marketing Seminar, hosted by you/your firm. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your invest relations ideas/insight. Again, thank you for hosting such an informative and thought-provoking event. I look forward to attending future events held by your firm.” – Mike Krumenacker, Director of Business Development & Investor Relations at Taum Sauk Capital Management
“Richard Wilson’s expert knowledge and current insights about the hedge fund universe provided an invaluable checklist of the dos and don’ts in investment fund marketing.” – Johanna Thornblad, Meridian Fund Managers 
“A high class event with the “right” people in the room. People are open and informative but still maintain discrete and tasteful nature that is so vital in the Family Office space.” – Alexander Camargo, Celent
 “The family office training workshop provides an opportunity for all industry participants together in a selective group and share ideas, concerns, and network FO issues. For us in the advisory and consulting world, this is an excellent source of knowledge and contacts.” – Isabella Fonseca, Celent
“This was a fantastic, educational experience. Incredible content, great perspective and well-chosen speakers. Nice, diverse presentations.” – David Stevens, Southern Asset Management 
“Highly valuable education to Family Offices. Great environment to learn and meet. Networking is beneficial.” – Marquita Maria Topovski, The Marquita Group 
“A very good conference, worth the special trip from London. The workshop was delivered in a very professional atmosphere and was very good value for the money.” – John Braund, Amscorp Capital Ltd  
“Today I have had the opportunity to learn about Family Offices from the masters, which is so inspiring. Thank you Richard!” – Dr. Jerry Drobenko 
“I was very impressed with the quality of the presenters and the topics discussed. Looking forward to the next event!!!” – Frank Mariuaro, Moutrose Accounting
 “Great event and worth my trip from Beijing.” – Alex Gong 
 “Rich insight across a multitude of Family Office challenges and opportunities. Top notch presenters and high energy networking. Well done.” – Jake Rosser 
“This was my first family office event and it was great. I met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. If you don’t know where to start, start here.” – Raymond Gustafson
 “Richard presents closed-door information from important contacts that provide powerful insights. Thank you.” – Tony Hartman, Mark Private Capital 

“The diversity of speakers covering different topics was extremely helpful.” – Joy Hou, Solution Financing  

“The presentation was excellent, very practical and worth of its own merit. I know more now than if I was to try and learn this material through other courses. Richard is down to earth in presenting and his advice is doable and real. ” -Dennis E. Carr, BancportCommercial Capital  
“The workshop was well worth my time to fly to New York. You gave me a lot of great ideas to raise more capital.” -JaceVernon, Why Lucid FX