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Corey Alston

Chief Development Officer

Indy Health Insurance

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Indy Health Insurance ( is a very high growth healthcare insurance company in the Medicare Part D insurance sector.  As you may know, Medicare Part D is the component of the government's program that covers prescription drugs for senior citizens. Due to the rapidly aging baby boomer population, over 10,000 seniors are becoming Medicare eligible each day.  Fortunately, this will double the market size and potential (from a $20 Billion to a $40 Billion industry covering 80 million Americans) over the next few years for Indy Health.

Here are a few additional reasons why an investment in Indy Health should be considered...
1) The company has been an active insurance carrier for nearly ten years, with stable revenues and profitability. We started in the end of life and hospital indemnity sector and have now been approved by the federal government to enter the Medicare Part D sector for Plan Year 2021.
2) The company is majority owned by independent pharmacists from across the United States. The only such company in the industry! Our national network includes approximately 22,000 independent pharmacy owners who collectively represent over 40,000,000 million prescription clients. Many of these clients are senior citizens who are covered by Medicare.
3) By leveraging the relationships of the independent pharmacies with their current clients, Indy Health could relatively quickly convert about 1% of their clients to its prescription plans.
4) Converting 1% of their customers to our plan, alone, would generate a half billion dollar revenue company within 2-3 years. We see a path to becoming a multibillion dollar company within 10 years.
5) Outside of the core Medicare Part D plans, our company has several other related revenue streams and strategic partnerships that will further enhance our profitability. Future plans include bringing all PBM services in house as well as expanding existing insurance product lines.
6) Our conservative pro forma shows a reasonable path to generating up to a 300% return within 3-5 years for equity investors.
7) In challenging and unpredictable markets, like what we are currently experiencing, being invested in a high growth company at the epicenter of three stable and recession resistant industries (insurance, pharmacies, and the government backed Medicare program), should provide extreme comfort to even the most critical investors.

For more information and to ensure that you do not miss out on the Indy Health opportunity, please contact either Dr. Corey Alston ( or Dr. Amanda Peterson ( You may also call us at (954) 740-0710.


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