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William Scott Bayha

CEO Consigliere

The Call Consigliere, LLC

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Calling is, "calling."

I am an uncanny Matchmaker of people and Capital.....and of people and people. A deep communicator without compare, an advocate, a writer without peer, a coach, and seer, a one-man war-room, and an Artist....of others.

My company is called The Call Consigliere.

I provide a bespoke solution in the form of a creatively-tailored call campaign to capture and deliver the connection drivers that can absolutely change the trajectory of your business, and your life.

Here's an image: Think "VA from the Philippines." Now imagine the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT!

This is not about producing leads. In fact, there are no more "leads" anymore. No one cares, .....until they decide they do.

The right to ignore you (and your "offer") is now universal. It's a survival mechanism among our species due to the constant violent (i.e. uninvited) assault on our collective mental, and emotional, bandwidth.

Your prospect is thinking: "How dare you contact me about something I casually expressed an interest in?" The temerity!

You cannot surmount the fortified Himalayan-sized wall of your prospects' multiple channels of electronic, and other, indifference/avoidance.

Direct mail goes directly in the recycle bin.

Voicemails go unlistened to. I have left Shakespearean masterpieces, I should know!

Emails are where content goes to die. Emails are the business card equivalents of the meet and greet past. They are asked for specifically so they can be ignored and forgotten. A somnambulant prospect asking you to send them an email is you feeding an info-glutton in his avarice to not act.

Unsolicited text messages offend solicitously.

So what do you do in a world where you don't lead, but information is leading you?

No....don't go all Death of a Salesman on me.

Just engage me instead.

I curate actual human relationships on your behalf. And I collect business decisions that skyrocket your revenues.

Which is intense, and intimate. And it ain't cheap.

I know what I am about to say may offend, and I don't care, but WE are officially Back to the Future.

Prospecting has now reversed/returned/"devolved" (you pick) to the much maligned (and misunderstood) one-call close of our caveman past, with the attendant blunt force charm-a of the pre-internet dialing days where the caller could either be your grandmother, or a solicitor interrupting your dinner.

You just didn't know, and you couldn't risk the inattention, so you answered. That other person had access to information that you didn't. And you knew it. You actually allowed yourself to be surprised, (imagine that), although sometimes not happily.

Now information is ubiquitous.

To the point where it's meaningless.

And information victimizes your prospect to Nothing!

Technology has not been kind to you. You lost your unfair Advantage boo.

I am a Master of this long-long-lost pre-Information Age Art of the one-conversation close.

Of prompting ACTION in a world of digital hypnosis, and paralysis.

What I do is mine, and cull, that most precious and rare Resource known as human "attention" in real-time, on the FIRST phone call, by seducing, and retaining, your Soulmate client's instant and responsive PRESENCE in a world of intentional amnesia, information overwhelm, obfuscation, deferral, delay, diffusion, and polite passive-aggression.

The most heroic, in fact, the most humane, (near euthanistic), and not so ironic, thing you can do in today's "business" whatever is to induce someone to make. a. freakin. decision., even if that decision is, "No."

If you "get" me, then you will get me.

A decision is a compassionate result for you AND for your prey, I mean your prospect. A relief! Everything else is just a pirouette to nowhere!

Decisions are made in a fraction of a fraction of a second. Rational excuses, literally, take time. Thinking = Death!

I know this will piss people off, but here goes: Decisions are not based on information, yours, or otherwise! VOILA! Information comes only after someone's already silently decided to give you their love, or their money.

Information is confirmation, that's it! Not Catalyst.

Information is the tail wagging the dog.

And I am the antidote to "thinking-based" Offer acceptance.

And I am your solution to the locusts of the Decision-less who are now devouring your Life Energy.

I am intuitive, AND intense.

Spiritual AND street-smart.

Passionate, not primitive.

To close:

If you'd like to collaborate with me, I have three engagement packages:

$ 5, 000 for a one-day campaign.
$ 25, 0000 for a one-week campaign.
$ 100, 000 for a one-month campaign.

(Now how's that for being upfront?)

If you resonate with what I've written, feel I'm coming to you through what I call the "God-waves," and you can decide to afford me, then reach out to schedule a 30 minute Discovery call.

The call is free, but your time is not.

And I intend not to waste it.

Be well, and well called.


The Call Consigliere.
832.857.5293 Direct


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