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Nick Walters

Managing Partner

National Hemp Growers Cooperative

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Our US-based, nationwide industrial hemp cooperative is focused on creating wealth for our members through regnerative agriculture and sustainable development.

Because of our structure we meet many ESG requirements because each ot our members - no matter where they are or WHO they are - have an equal say in the board and leadership.

We are actively working projects using hemp in renewable natural gas, bioplastics, automotive assembly, construction/building materials, proteins/grains, energy pellets and cat litter. Our unique model allows for private investment to be geared toward a selected business unit or with the coopertive as a whole.

Because hemp is a soil remediator and one of the best plants to sequester carbon, we have signed an MOU with the British Standards Institute to give us 3rd party verification to sell carbon credits.

1817 Crane Ridge Drive
Suite B-1
Jackson, Mississippi 39216
United States
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