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Will Goldsborough

President and COO

Armor Bearer Protective Services

Established in 2004, Armor Bearer Protective Services (ABPS) is a tenured and reputable source of security, protection, and intelligence services. Headquartered in California, our scalable programs have international reach with strategic partners across the globe.

Recently, we created a division of ABPS solely dedicated to that of Family Offices and their capital raising and investment partners. Our primary mission in this vertical is to provide comprehensive intelligence-driven due diligence investigations. According to Richard Wilson’s book, The Single Family Office:

Many single family offices have small teams and have limited time to investigate opportunities. This can lead to sometimes rushed due diligence or over-reliance upon third parties who promise strengths of due diligence but may also be very busy and stretched thin. At the very least, most single family offices should conduct 40 hours of due diligence, background checks, reference checks, and fact-gathering practices before investing.

To that end, ABPS is well-equipped to assist Family Offices, Private Investors, Institutional Investors, and any Capital Raising entity a thorough due diligence process to uncover less than reputable individuals associated with investment opportunities.

Furthermore, ABPS concurs with Richard’s advice to Family Offices that “…anyone you interview for a family office position should have to go through a background check…” Thus, we also conduct wide-ranging background investigations on potential employees, vendors, investors, or any persons deemed a possible risk to the privacy and confidentiality of family offices.

Finally, ABPS has partnered with an international, industry-leading digital threat intelligence firm to provide clients with 24/7 monitoring of social media, deep web, and darknet sources. This partnership allows for the detection and investigation into any digital threats within a single security intelligence platform.

Please contact us for a more detailed explanation of how our services can help keep you, your business, your assets, and your investments safe, sound, and secure.

2701 Del Paso Rd.
Ste 130-334
Sacramento, CA 95835
United States
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