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Angela Wimmer

Vice President

SouthernSun Asset Management

SouthernSun Asset Management was founded by Michael Cook in January of 1989. Michael Cook has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer since the inception of the Firm. Phillip Cook was added as Co-Chief Investment Officer in 2021 after 15 years at the firm. Michael Cook and Phillip Cook lead the Investment Team and are supported by a team of Investment Professionals.

SouthernSun is a research-driven investment management firm. The Firm is absolute return oriented, investing with a value approach and long-term perspective through disciplined, bottom-up, fundamental analysis and on-site research (e.g. management interviews, facility visits, inquiries with customers and suppliers).

SouthernSun invests with a long-term time horizon in niche-dominant, attractively valued companies with financial flexibility and well-fitted management teams. The Firm believes careful, in-depth analysis of a company’s financial strength, market position, and human capital is the most comprehensive method of assigning proper valuations, identifying opportunities, and reducing the risk of investment.

SouthernSun, is a fully independent, 100% employee owned firm. All members of the firm's Management Team, Investment Team, and the Senior Trader are equity owners within the firm.

We offer small and SMID cap strategies via SMA, UMA, Wrap, CIT and Mutual Funds.

240 Madison Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
United States
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