Benjamin Marks

Benjamin Marks is the CEO of Leveraged Equity Holdings Group, LLC, a firm dedicated to commercial real estate investment and development of value-added multifamily and retail property types, primarily in dense urban infill locations in DC, MD, VA, WV, KY, PA, NY, FL, and PR. As CEO, Benjamin has built a commercial real estate portfolio valued at more than $56 million, entirely from scratch. His greatest challenge is Acquiring, managing and operating properties across 6 States and Puerto Rico and managing growth that is actually accretive as well as synergistic, also finding and keeping talented managers. At Leveraged Equity Holdings Group, we distinguish ourselves by having a long term perspective, patience and being incredibly picky about what deals we execute on and which we avoid. We pride ourselves on being risk averse and focusing at least as much on the downside vs upside. That makes us unique especially in the development division of our firm. We also take pride in finding solutions for our tenants and clients by peeling back all the layers of the onion.

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