Armando Soto

Armando Soto is a sophisticated institutional investor. Currently he is a managing director at Isaac Capital Group, a single family office based in Las Vegas, Nevada; where he spends most of his time reviewing, financing and structuring investments since 2013. Armando has extensive experience in alternative direct investments (PE, VC, HF), private markets, public equity markets, debt markets. Armando spends most of his time evaluating and structuring direct investments and working directly with the Isaac family.

Prior to working with Isaac mr. Soto worked in private equity buy-outs at Yenni Capital, a lower middle market private equity firm. He also worked at distressed debt and equity swap hedge fund WHC Capital as a vice president. Prior to his experience working with institutions he worked in investment banking at boutique firms. Mr. Soto started his finance career at Merrill Lynch.