Anton Bayer

Anton Bayer is a third generation contractor/builder obtaining his California general contractor’s license in 1977 and other specialty licenses. For the past 30 years Anton has focused all of his residential building and investing activities for his personal portfolio that has included multiple residential acquisitions, remodeling, and new construction.

 In 1982 Anton joined a New York Stock Exchange investment firm in San Francisco leaving the building industry as a vocation.  During these past 34 years in the financial industry Anton has established four investment companies, facilitated two corporate acquisitions, formed three limited partnerships, and held senior executive positions in two NYSE firms.  Currently, Anton is the CEO and founder of Up Capital Management, Inc, a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm managing over $170 million in assets for corporations, individuals, family trusts, retirement plans, and home owner associations.

 Mr. Bayer authored Managing to Retire, a quarterly investment & economic focused newsletter for eleven years,  The Weekly Update since 2012, and released in 2007 book, Exposing the Myths to Achieving Financial Success. Mr. Bayer has been a frequent guest since 2007 on national media programs including CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Radio. Mr. Bayer is regularly invited to speak at corporate sponsored events on real estate, investments, and economic topics.

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