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The Virtual Family Office 4pm EST |June 16th, 2017

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How to Build Your Deal Flow Pipeline  MP3 & MP4
Building a Family Office Network: How to Raise Capital & Partner with Single & Multi-Family Offices MP3 & MP4
Creating a Single Family Office:  Compass Creation, Talent Sourcing, Investing, Service Providers & Pitfalls MP3 & MP4
Single Family Office Industry & Investment Fundamentals: A 5,000 Foot Overview of the Thriving SFO Industry MP3 & MP4
Family Office Investing Priorities: A 90-Minute Overview of Trends, Objectives, & Case Studies MP3 & MP4
Capital Raising Fundamentals: Fundamentals, Automation, & How to Consistently Attract Investors to You Every Week MP3 & MP4
Direct Investing, Co-Investing & Club Deals: A Discussion with Julia Corelli, Partner at Pepper Hamilton MP3 & MP4
Seeking Capital from Private Equity: With Guests Thomas D’Ovidio and Noah Rosenfarb, CPA MP3 & MP4
Capital Raising Strategies for Emerging Managers with Under $100M in AUM MP3 & MP4
Billionaire Wealth Management & $1B+ Single Family Offices MP3 & MP4
Co-Investing Lessons from the Trenches: Finding, Structuring, and Syndicating  MP3 & MP4
Growth Capital & Pre-IPO Financing  MP3 & MP4
Top 25 Capital Raising Strategies to Attract Investors MP3 & MP4
Family Office Real Estate Investing  MP3 & MP4
100m+ Wealth Creation MP3 & MP4
Family Office Marketing and Public Relations MP3 & MP4
Raising Capital & Funding Deals MP3 & MP4
Billionaire Public Relations MP3 & MP4
Building Your Board of Advisors MP3 & MP4
Private Equity Platform Investment Strategy MP3 & MP4
The Billionaire Marketplace MP3 & MP4
Choke Points: How to Identify, Obtain, and Defend Strategic Positions to Attract Capital, Deal Flow & Clients MP3 & MP4
Leveraging Social Media for Asset Managers MP3 & MP4


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John Loudon Legacy PointRichard, great webinar and information as usual for dealing with Family Offices. ” – John Loudon, Legacy Point Capital LLC


Semay RashadNice overview of family office investment priorities, well-paced and rational content. Priced right and helpful advice.” – J.C. (Fund Manager)


Excellent webinar presentation and very helpful information that my firm will profit from.” – Semay Rashad, Titans Capital Partners