We offer partnership opportunities to a select few firms who would like to introduce their offering to our large network of investment professionals and family offices.  If you are looking to establish your presence in the family office space we can provide you with an excellent venue for meeting potential clients, marketing your firm, and becoming a “household name” in this industry.

For details on our different opportunities, pricing, packages and benefits of partnering with the Family Office Club please contact Ellie Hojabri at Ellie@FamilyOffices.com | (305) 428-3777 or by filling out the form below.

To give you a better idea of the value we offer, here is a breakdown of what every partner receives: 

          • Complimentary admission for 1 attendee; additional admission tickets can be purchased at the discounted rate of $495
          • Company logo on official event website, hyperlinked to company site
          • Company logo and 100 word description listed in event workbook
          • Company name and/ or logo included in event marketing communications (i.e., email blasts, press releases) to the 100,000+ members of Family Office Club
          • Company logo displayed on our conference brochure
          • A public “thank you” for your sponsorship, delivered by the conference chairman at the live event

Exhibit Table

A table-top display showcasing your services. Tables are on display for the entire length of the conference and are situated in an area with the highest foot traffic, usually near the food and cocktail reception. Exhibit table sponsors are constantly approached during breakfast, breaks, lunch, cocktail hour and during the actual conference itself.  This is a great way to network and promote your firm while building long-lasting relationships with your target audience. It really is a step up from just attending to initiate conversations with conference participants.

Panel Discussion Role (Several Panel Topics Available)

A 45-minute panel discussion with 3-5 family office executives. Panelists interact and provide differing viewpoints on the topic at hand. Panels promote a wide-range of perspectives leading to engaging and insightful discussions.

They are a favorite among the audience as they enjoy hearing different ideas and reasonings from a group of industry experts. Panel questions are sent out prior to the event and we welcome suggestions for specific areas you want to cover. We are also open to any topic suggestions for our events, as long as they are provided within a reasonable amount of time prior to the conference date.

Standalone Speaking Role (Topic of Choice)

A 15-minute educational presentation showcasing your expertise and knowledge within your industry. You will have the complete undivided attention of the entire room, comprised of family office executives, HNW individuals, institutional investors, and a variety of family office industry participants. Speakers in the past have used props, posters and media presentations to showcase their offerings to the audience.

One-Page Workbook Inserts

A one-page advertisement or educational article included in the printed workbooks, distributed to all the conference attendees. This is a great way to gain exposure as the attendees take their workbooks home to refer to notes taken throughout the day. Workbooks sponsors will also be featured on our websites, brochures and marketing materials with a link directed to your company’s website.

Private Receptions – Hosted Lunch & Dinner Receptions

10-15 family offices strategically hand-selected and invited for your special event. Either held at a prestigious venues or in a private setting during a Family Office Club event, our team will handle all of the planning and logistics of the event. Follow-up services, include but not limited to, strategies for follow-up, contact information of attendees, and doing whatever we can to make the event a success.

Title Partnership

The highest level of exposure, the Title Partnership, includes your firm as a partner with The Family Office Club for one of our world-renowned conferences. Title Partners receive a 15-minute educational standalone presentation OR panel discussion to kick off the event, an exhibit table to showcase your services to attendees, VIP access to attend all of our events within a year, media exposure through our marketing and promotional efforts and access to 100k affluent members in our network and the highest level of our services (one full year of structured guidance for your maximum exposure to Family Offices & HNW Individuals). This is the most prestigious class of sponsorship offered by The Family Office Club to date.

For other options and custom packages please contact Ellie Hojabri at Ellie@FamilyOffices.com or by phone at (305) 428-3777

Our investor associations, websites, networks and other channels give us marketing reach to nearly 1 million professionals around the world. Our events are a great opportunity for us to bring together these investors, family offices, industry players, fund managers, and other executives.  As a partner, you will gain access to our network and be able to build valuable relationships with potential clients, business partners, and other connections that will help you grow your business. Would you like to see more opportunities to sponsor our conferences? Call our team at (305) 428-3777.

“I just called the patriarch of our single family office and told him to turn around and drive to midtown to discuss the investment opportunity we just uncovered here today at this event, this is what we have been looking for investment-wise. We are going to meet in the event here today and discuss terms of a potential investment with someone we met here, that is why attend – to get access to deal flow and investment ideas.” [Comments made on stage at a recent Family Office Club event]

“After speaking at your event we have engaged with three family offices on hotels we are developing right now, we will certainly be back to support more of your events” [$1B+ real estate single family office]

“We have invested in several investment managers that we have met here at the Family Office Club events over the years, that is why we can’t coming back to speak further on what we are looking to invest in next.” [Quote is from a repeat single family office speaker making comments from the stage at our recent event]

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“We attended your event and developed relationships with five of the family offices after the event over dinner, two of them ended up investing with one of those being to the tune of $50M. We would not have met these family offices or had the relationship there if it wasn’t for the Family Office Club summit so thank you for hosting these valuable events and we look forward to working together closer” [Quote from a Family Office Club Charter Member in 2017]

“The Family Office Club is hands-down the #1 family office event series globally, the value is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of speaker quality, depth of strategies discussed, and quality of the room. Richard didn’t tell me or pay me to say this but you are in good hands here and I have gone to a LOT of events globally – this series is THE best.” [$1B+ Multi-Family Office Speaker on stage at a recent Family Office Club Summit]