Family Office Database Overview


The Family Office Database Version 7.0 is now live. This new version of the Family Office Database includes AUM figures, an average of 3 contacts per family office listing, and more qualitative data and contact details each family office than ever before.

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Family Office Database Overview

family office databaseOur team of experienced family office and capital raising professionals offers the most accurate and consistently updated database of family offices in the industry. Our past clients have included UBS, Gottex Funds, PNC Bank, SEI, State Street, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, and over 250 other satisfied clients in the past 18 months. Our team has spent over 800 hours constructing this deep Excel-based database with over 60,000 cells of data on 1,000+ family offices that control more than a combined trillion dollars in assets.

The database includes listings for both single and multi-family offices that are based both inside and outside of the United States. Family offices are hubs of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families. Developing productive relationships with a small handful of family offices can be enough to significantly grow an investment firm or high net worth related service. Each listing in our database has had their contact details collected over the past 2 months via phone, email, or visits to their website and other sites.

An Overview of our Family Office Directory Solution

Family Offices

If you would like to buy our Family Offices Database or learn more about the three specific packages that we offer for sale please click here.

If you would like to conduct more research before purchasing our database, please see the video overview, available sample, statistics, and potential uses described below. We have made this page thorough and detailed to make your due diligence on our team as efficient as possible. If you need to present this resource to your team or client please feel free to print out or email our 1 page PDF or PowerPoint for your team's review.

Video Overview: Below is a short video overview of the Family Office Database resource that our team offers. If you would like to learn more and receive our free annual report on family offices, "The Family Office Report," please type in your first name and email address below.

Family Office Database Listings Include: The Family Offices Database offers a collection of inclusive contact details for 1,045 family offices from around the globe. These inclusive contact details include the following information when available:

  • Name of Family Office
  • AUM (as available)
  • More Than 2,465 Rows of Data - An Average of 3 Contacts Per Office (Over 60,000 cells of data)
  • Contacts' Associated Job Titles
  • Contact Phone Number & Email Address
  • Phone Number, Fax Number, & Email Address of Family Office (All 3 are present for 97%+ of listings)
  • Family Office Address That Can be Sorted by Country, City, State, or Zip Code
  • Investments/Areas of Interest (where possible)
  • Company History & Notes
  • Website URL of the Family Office

Note: While many profiles are complete, not all of the information for the above categories can be found for all of the offices in our database. Family offices are very secretive, and as such, information is often times scarce and hard to find. Family offices value their privacy and that of their clients. Information on AUM, investment preferences, and company history can be difficult to find, and as such, is a less complete portion of our database. Offices were not included in our database if a phone number or email address were not present, so each contact has at least one point of contact in addition to a mailing address.

Benefits of The Family Offices Database

  1. Gain access to investor contact details of 2,500+ total investors and 1,045 family offices
  2. Work more efficiently, raise capital faster than you otherwise could
  3. Expand your press release or newsletter mailing coverage by building direct valuable relationships
  4. Schedule more conference calls and on-site visits with prospects
  5. Become more efficient at accessing more than a trillion dollars in assets managed by the contacts within our database of family offices
  6. Update your old in-house database or directory of family offices
  7. Take advantage of the 800+ hours our team has invested in building the Family Offices Database to leverage your firm's time and efforts
  8. Complete more road shows and sets of business trip meetings
  9. Enable your team to follow up with leads from industry conferences and meetings
  10. Reach concentrated pools of HNW and ultra high net worth investors

family office databaseFamily Office Database Sample: To download a sample of our Excel-based Family Office Database, please click here.

In addition to that Excel-based sample, you can also view the video to the right for a "fly over" of the actual database of family offices so you can see what you are buying before you have purchased the resource.



Statistics: These statistics may be used to verify that this product will be a useful tool for your firm or capital raising efforts. As of 2012 our family office database contains (Note: you may click on graphic to enlarge the graphs as needed):

  • 1,000+ unique family office entries with contact details
  • More than 50% of which have AUM of $1B+
  • Over 2,450 rows of data
  • Estimated average AUM of Family Offices is $800M
  • Minimum AUM of family office clients was $10M
  • Estimated total wealth managed is over $1T in AUM
  • 51.3% United States
  • 31.1% Europe
  • 6.4% UK
  • 3.3% Canada
  • 2.9% Asia
  • 2.6% Middle East
  • 1.9% Australia
  • 1.3% South America
Family Offices Globally Breakdown Chart

European Family Offices


Family Offices Western Half United States Chart
Family Offices Eastern Half United States Chart


Possible Uses for the Family Office Database Solution:

  • Wider Distribution for Press Releases & Performance Updates Once Relationships Are Developed
  • Networking Event or Conference Announcements Easily Made Through Multiple Media Channels
  • Market Research & Follow Up | Raise Capital From Family Offices
  • Road Shows & Third Party Marketing Activities
  • Recruiting or Career Search Assistance

Need Something Printable? View a 6 page printable description of the Family Offices Database Solution in PowerPoint format or view our One-Pager in PDF Format

Family Office Database Directory To purchase the Family Office Database Please click here or see the form below


Buy The Family Office Database


Family Office DatabaseVersion 7.0 of the Family Office Database is now available. Our team has been constructing this new version of this the database for the past 6 months; we are excited to announce that it now includes AUM figures, an average of 3 contacts per family office listing, and more qualitative data and contact details each family office than ever before.

Limitations: We will only be selling 100 copies of this version of the Family Offices Database to limit the number of fund managers, marketers, and consultants using it any point in time.

Family Office Directory Risk FreeRisk Free Database Quality Guarantee: We offer a dual-level quality assurance guarantee for our database. First, we provide each client with a free upgrade to the next version of our Family Offices Database. Second, we provide a 4x per-listing refund for any contact you find in our database that is not in fact a family office wealth management firm. For example, if 10% of the database is off or outdated, you receive 40% of your money back. This takes the risk of bad data off of you and puts it back on our team, where it should be. Our full terms of purchase are here.

Database Purchasing Process: If you are working with family offices and would like to use this resource the next step to take is to click on the "Checkout" button below. Enter your contact details and credit card number and register for a copy of this database. Our team will then email you the Excel spreadsheet database within 1 business day.

Packages: We now offer three different packages to choose from. The additional databases we offer on top of the family office directory include High Net Worth Wealth Management Firms, Institutional Investment Consulting Firms, Fund of Funds, and Endowment Funds. For each of these additional databases the firm's contact details including firm name, contact name, contact job title, contact email address, contact phone number, physical address, and website URL. Please see below for package details.

Family Office DatabaseThree Family Office Database Packages To Choose From:

Platinum Package: 5 Database & Training Discount Package With 4 Free Updates: $2,997 ($9,700 Value)

  • 1,004 Family Office Firm Listings with full contact details
  • 725 High Net Worth Wealth Management Listings with full contact details
  • 225 Institutional Investment Consultant Listings with full contact details
  • 904 Endowment Firm Listings with full contact details
  • 375 Fund of Fund Listings with full contact details
  • + 4 free updates to the database in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months from your purchase
  • + Free lifetime access to Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics our 6 hour HD video training program on capital raising (This sells for $397 when purchased by itself)
  • + Free lifetime access to our "How to Work with and Raise Capital From Family Offices Workshop" recorded in HD video format and available through our training portal.
  • + 2 Free tuition waivers to the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) program, or any other hosted program for two members of your team ($2,300 Value)
  • The individual database components alone sell for $9,700 separately but together in this package they cost $2,997


Gold Package: 2 Database Combination Discount Package $2,500 ($3,000 Value)

  • 1,004 Family Office Firm Listings with full contact details
  • 725 High Net Worth Wealth Management Listings with full contact details
  • Access Price: Separately these two databases cost $3,000 but together in this package they cost $2,500


Silver Package: Family Offices Database $1,500

  • 1,004 Family Office Firm Listings with full contact details
  • + A free update to the database in 6 months
  • Access Price: $1,500

Additional Ordering Options: If you would like order one of the limited 100 packages of Family Office Database Version 7.0 it is you can do so now by completing our Fax Registration Credit Card Form or our Mail-In Check Payment form forms. You can also use the Click to Chat button to the left, email us at, or call us during west coast business hours at (212) 729-5067.

6 Free Bonuses Worth $3,900

Bonus #1: Ongoing Database Updates: Each Silver & Gold Package client will receive the next update to the family office database for free (a $199 value). Platinum clients receive 4 free updates at no cost (a $796 value). Each update is released roughly 6 months from the past dates; clients will receive their free updates accordingly. If you are a past client you may start a $199-every-6-months subscription for updates to their database every 6 months by clicking here. This subscription may be canceled at any time for any reason.

Bonus #2: Full Day Capital Raising Workshop: Our team is hosting a full day capital raising workshop in Q1 2012 and we will be hosting 5-6 of these full day workshops across the United States in 2012. If you purchase the Platinum Family Offices Database package you will be able to attend any one of these workshops for free instead of paying the $675-$1,970 entry fee charged to everyone else in the industry who would like to come learn and network with other capital raisers.

Bonus #3: Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics: Each of our Platinum package clients will get lifetime access to our Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics program. This is our most intensive capital raising training program available in HD format. After purchasing the Platinum package our team will issue you login details to this training platform for your whole team to benefit from.

Bonus #4: Recorded Conference Speech on Investment Marketing Best Practices: Clients of our database product also receive access to a 47-minute video presentation on "Fund Marketing Best Practices," which was recorded at a conference in Boca Raton, FL (attendees paid $1,595 to attend).

Bonus #5: Training & Certification Programs: 50% off tuition for all Silver & Gold package clients to either the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) or Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) programs. Note: Platinum clients get free tuition waivers for two members of their team. ($500 Value)

Bonus #6: Hedge Fund Premium: For those clients who would benefit from the membership we are now giving away lifetime access to Hedge Fund Premium, our video-based hedge fund training platform run by the Hedge Fund Group.

Family Office Directory Risk FreeRisk Free Family Office Database Purchase: We offer a dual level quality assurance agreement for our database. First, we provide each client with a free upgrade to the next version of our Family Offices Database. Second, we also provide a per-contact refund for any contact you find within our database which is not in fact a family office wealth management firm. If 10% of the database is off or outdated for some reason you get 40% of your money back. The last update to this database was in the Fall of 2011.

Quotes & Testimonials from Past Clients

"I have been using the Family Offices Group directory of family offices for several years now and it has saved my team 100's of hours of slow research trying to collect and keep the contact details updated for the whole family office industry.  Thank you for making this resource available and we plan to keep using this directory for several years to come."

- Gabriel Pellegrini, Global Edge Capital Management


As an alternative investment fundraising professional, I’ve looked at many family office contact databases that were not much more than data dumps captured from a website or another source. The Family Office Database is the first product that I’ve seen that is truly researched, detailed and quite accurate. It is clear that the team has spent many hours identifying and verifying family office contact information for this product. I recommend it”.

- Jim Rowe Rowe Capital Partners, LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

"We have successfully set up several conference calls and meetings with great firms by using your database of family offices. Thank you for the help and keep us updated on future releases."

"I purchased the Family Office Database recently and have been using it extensively for the past month. What a fantastic resource you've developed. Kudos to all who compiled this information."

- Managing Director, Lexington Capital Group

"I just checked the few family offices that I already knew, and they are included in your database with full contact details. Thank you for sending it over."

TestamentPerhaps the best testament to the value of our family office thought leadership and research is the fact that most of the largest investment banks and media companies use our services. One top five media company has enrolled an entire team of 30 professionals into our training program, and Bloomberg recently credited us publicly with helping them survey top family offices.